10 Restaurants Have the Funniest Signboards in the World

Many visitors said they could not help laughing when they saw the funny names of the restaurants.

Many restaurants in the world with humorous names leave a deep impression on tourists. Here are some restaurants with impressive names.


Many visitors think that the shopkeeper must be a fan of movie Titanic.


And this is a sign of a shop selling Vietnamese food Vietnam and caused many travelers burst into laughter when they see the signboard.


The owner here made a pun “Frying” with the Finding in the popular movie Finding Nemo to name their restaurant.


This restaurant’s name sounds a bit like the Led Zeppelin – a British rock band – known for the song Stairway to Heaven.


The signboard of the restaurant make people burst into laughter because it relates to a famous Hollywood film: The Lord of the Rings.


This is the name of a famous restaurant in Austin, Texas that provides traditional dishes of Mexico. The interesting thing here is the name of the sign was reversed and taken from a famous comedy is about a Mexico man: A Million to Juan.


This name make guests remember a famous movie The Godfather and classic statement of the Godfather: I will make a suggestion that he could not refuse.


Pita Pan Restaurant reminds visitors a legendary never-grow-up Peter Pan.


Here is a Pizza shop in Berlin, Germany – makes tourists remember the nickname of reality TV star “super three” Kim Kardashian.


This store’s name reminds of a famous song of Geri Halliwell – a former member of Spice Girls.

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