Enjoy Tea in the Middle of West Lake on Summer Days


On every summer season, lotus ponds next to West Lake and near Water Park are a meeting place for a lot of Hanoian. This is “oases” to reduce heat and relax in hot summer days.  Lotus ponds are closely located and assigned to households to grow lotus and do business. Hence, in afternoons, when the weather is a little hot or on weekend mornings without sunshine, people gather here to enjoy cool air. You can take photos, hire a small boat to see lotus blossom, enjoy a cup of lotus tea or simply enjoy lotus fragrance in cool wind of West Lake.

Thanks to lotus ponds, a lot of Hanoians enjoy special lotus tea. Tasty tea, clean water, lotus favor, and enjoying together with rural dishes such as: ball cake, peanut candy, etc. is very delicious. Each tea pot costs from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND, it is up to kind of tea and lotus ponds. If you go in group of 3-5 people, after rambling around lotus ponds to take photos, sit to relax, chat and wait for bunches of lotus, it is the best time to enjoy lotus tea. While sipping tea, you also have a chance to see people here separate pistils to marinate tea in the traditional way

Mr. Tuan in Hang Muoi, Hanoi has contracted to grow lotus ponds in West lake to gather lotus pistils for marinating tea in the traditional way. The lotus pistils are dried then cover every tea layer, left it some day in order that lotus fragrance will be absorbed deeply into tea. Tea enjoyers will never forget this flavor. But price of this kind of tea is not cheap, it maybe reach millions VND per kilogram and still have customers.

ho sen

Summer coming is an occasion for the youth gathering around lotus ponds in West Lake.

ho sen 2

On early June, first lotus flowers start blossoming

ho sen 3

On every afternoon or weekend morning, people take a seat and relax.

ho sen 4

With price 30,000-50,000 dong/ tea pot, you sit under lotus towers to drink tea in the scent of lotus flowers and enjoy traditional gifts.

ho sen 5

Most people coming here want to enjoy lotus tea

ho sen 6

The tea marinated in lotus flowers costs 30,000 dong/ flower.

ho sen 7

ho sen 8

While sipping tea, you also have a chance to see people here separate pistils to marinate tea in the traditional way

ho sen 9

Fresh pistils are taken hone and fried

ho sen 10

Tea marinated with lotus pistils in the traditional way

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