Five Most Delicious Vietnamese Bakery Stores in Tokyo

Among the capital of Japan, it is not difficult to find Vietnam bread stores which serve as tasty bread as at home.

Vietnam sandwich is now not unfamiliar with international friends. Derived from the French baguette bread, this dish is favored by the combination of various fillings. In many parts of the world, you can find the bread filled with pate, ham, mixed vegetables, hot sauces, etc., Japan is no exception. Timeout Tokyo has released a list of five typical stores.

Sandwich (Takadanobaba)

vietnamese-bakery-store-tokyo (1)

Menu of sandwich

The store is located in a small alley on the way Waseda Dori, close to Takadanobaba station.

Katane Bakery (Yoyogiuehara)

vietnamese-bakery-store-tokyo (2)

Bread was sold in Katane Bakery with the price of 700 yen (125,000 VND).

This popular store is located in a quiet residential area between Yoyogiuehara and Hatagaya. In addition to sweet cakes, starting at 11 am, it will sell more Vietnamese bread Vietnam with two kinds of fillings: pork and tuna.

Potluck (Shibuya)

vietnamese-bakery-store-tokyo (5)

Vietnamese bread is served to a party at Potluck.

Potluck is located in the basement of shopping center Opening Ceremony in Shibuya. The menu here includes four categories: sweet marinated pork, chicken, scrambled eggs and vegetables.

Myle (Kamata)

vietnamese-bakery-store-tokyo (3)

Myle also offers a variety of other Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, pancakes and tea. Shop Kamata station 5- minute walk. There is always crowded crowded so you must call before you can put into the food.

Hanoi&Hanoi (Kita Senju)

vietnamese-bakery-store-tokyo (4)

Bread is baked crispy and served with mixed vegetables.

This store is about 5-minute walk from Kita Senju Station, very easy to find with a cyclo placed just outside. Here you can enjoy two kinds of fillings: ham or roasted pork.

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