Cooling hot summer with “cool beer” Ta Hien- Ha Noi


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Ta Hien street is known for being the first place to set foot of most foreign visitors to Hanoi and final stop before they left Hanoi. So, people still called Ta Hien street with a familiar name “West Street”.

Ta Hien street at night, cold winds in late fall and early winter make Hanoi streets absent people. The city sinks into a peaceful sleep. But in a corner of  Ta Hien street, it is time to “hold festival”  of foreign visitors.

From “the international crossroad” go down other neighboring streets as Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Hang Bac street, Sam Cong street, Quang Lac alley, Hai Thuong lane, etc. there are dozens of beer shops on the sidewalks. A stack of plastic chairs is arranged at the corner. Visitors will get it by themself and sit together.

bia hoi

According to Andrew McCracken from Australia: the flavor of “cool beer” at Luong Ngoc Quyen is similar to Zech beer, light and sweet, unlike other beer with strong flavor I used to drink before. The distinctive flavor and reasonable concentration make Andrew like “cool beer”.

In while, Joseph with his girlfriend already drank the third glass of beer and explain the attraction of Ta Hien beer that makes this street very special.

Customers like sitting down sidewalks next to road and see busy traffic to just enjoy beer and just hear noisy hooter, helter-skelter, laughing and the cry of vendor. Just need a small plastic stool and several glass of beer, you can continuously sit and look this street.

Ta Hien cool beer is quite cheap only 5,000 dong/ glass. Coming to restaurant chains of Ta Hien, customers will be served best and known more about Hanoi through their staff although they know a little bit English.

The busy narrow street at Ta Hien is not different from others in the Old Quarter but “cool beer” restaurants with happy foreign tourists bring a fresh atmosphere that you can not find elsewhere.


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