Steamed seafood with coconut rice at Gia Vien restaurant 228 Ba Trieu


com hai san hap dua

That dishes are made from fresh coconut always bring friendly and familiar flavor but not less unique. Especially, with the steamed seafood with coconut rice, just once enjoy at Gia Vien restaurant, you will never forget its attractive flavor of coconut-hometown specialty.

The steamed seafood with coconut rice is not so complicated in terms of processing but it requires experience from the cook to create a tasty coconut rice. The talented chef of Gia Vien restaurant collects delicious, fragrant, and flexible rice. The coconut must be not too old and not too young and the coconut milk must be sweet. Hence “dua xiem” (fresh coconut) is the first candidate for the coconut rice recipe.

com hai san hap dua 2

The whole fresh coconut is retained, just remove a small round part on the top to use it as a cover later. After that, remove coconut milk to pour rice into then the cooked rice full of coconut. Next step is that seafood and coconut milk is used to be steamed in about 30 minutes. The coconut rice is delicious or not depends much on adding coconut milk. If too much coconut milk, the rice will turn into a kind of paste. But if too less coconut milk, the rice will be hard.

To attract more customers, Gia Vien restaurant not only cooks the steamed coconut rice but also add their menu dishes of steamed seafood for customers’ exciting experiences. The fresh and delicious flavor of seafood is well combined with fragrant and light sweet rice and coconut milk. They all bring a strange feeling for dinners.


Address: 228 Ba Trieu street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city

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