News Tips For Tam Dao Experience

News Tips For Tam Dao Experience. Aside from taking photo ancient church, going market to buy chayote, tourists in Tam Dao are able to walk to TV tower or visit Hell pagoda inside national park.

Tam Dao is about 70 km from Hanoi. It is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters; hence, fresh and cool air is all year round. Tourists usually visit places Silver waterfall, Temple of Ba Chua Thuong Ngan, the gate of heaven.

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Conquer TV tower

TV tower Tam Dao is situated at the altitude of 1,250 meters. To get there, tourists have to trek through 1,400 stone steps. The path leading to TV tower is surrounded with lush green trees and bird songs.

Discovering Hell Pagoda

Hell pagoda is located deep inside Tam Dao national park. It is also the destination of backpackers. The current construction is restored from the old ground with ancient tombs of 6 meters high. According to historical documents, this is also the place of Vietnam Buddhism from King Hung period.

You must pass about 12km forest path and trek on narrow parts. Along the journey are big tree trunks and brushwood or creepers. In particular, some yellow clothes with red labels on the directions make visitor scare of. To complete the trip, you should ask the way from the local people as well as fully prepared items for trekking.

Taking photo at Tam Dao ancient church

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To have special photo, visitors should take in early morning of on sunset.

Tam Dao ancient church was built in 1906 as a stilt house. In 1937, the construction was rebuilt with brick, steel, and stone.

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Winding routes leading to Tam Dao. Image by Dan Zin

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A challenge to backpackers. Image by Dan Zin

Enjoy dishes from chayote

In Tam Dao, tourists will see green chayote rigs in many places such as halfway up the mountain, open space or fences. The favorable natural factors have turn chayote into a specialty in Tam Dao. Popular dishes are fried chayote and boiled chayote fruits.

Going to Tam Dao market

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Buy fresh chayote vegetable at low price

Tam Dao market is held in the center of Tam Dao town and also a gathering place of tourists. It is a suitable place for those who want to understand more about local people there. Banana, jackfruit and chayote are popularly sold.

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