Five Café Shops with Foreign Styles in Hanoi


It does not need to spend your money and go far away in order to enjoy café with European or Asian space in the heart of Hanoi.

1.      Kissaten – 28 Quoc Tu Giam street


           The space imbued with Japanese style in Kissaten

Located in Quoc Tu Giam street with narrow front area, Kissaten is somewhat out of sight for pedestrians. But once you step in the shop, you will feel like being lost in a space of Japanese style. The shop’s area is not large but not small; just two floors with all wooden interior, low table, sliding doors, square lamps, cabinets, etc. which are features of Japanese nation. The second floor is favored with a big bookshelf which displays a number of books, newspapers, painting, dictionary made in Japan. The menu of Kissaten is various with traditional Japanese dishes such as: Doraemon cake, sizzling cake, takoyaki, different kinds of tea, etc. with reasonable prices.

2.      Cafe K – 38A Cao Ba Quat Street

cafe K

The space looks like a school class with tables, seats, books, notebooks and black board.

Located in a quiet street Cao Ba Quat, café K brings a new style with design of Korean school class in 1970. The highlight point of the shop is two separate designs, one imitates the class with wooden table, black board, bookshelf and one is a train delivering students. Decorations in the shop like school bags, notebooks, books, etc. are selected from Korea by the shop’s owner. Moreover, Korean cuisine is also an attraction of Café K, cool tea, rice wine, or familiar dishes such as black noodles, rice cakes, sizzling cake, etc.

3.      Lavie en Rose Cafe – 10 Khuc Hao street


A romantic corner of La Vie en Rose Cafe

To those who love the romantic style of France and sip a cup of coffee in a quiet space with melodious music, La Vie en Rose is a suggestion. With the name Lavie en Rose (wonderful life), the shop is gently designed to create a restful feeling for customers at any age. The shop has two floors and divided into two areas. The outside area is close to nature with green tree pots and lovely wooden tables. While the inside area is designed in a cozy space, the warm colors of tables, chairs, and cushions combined with green painting color, white color of walls which all highlight French architecture in the café shop.

4.      Dragonfly Shop – 5 Hoi Vu street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

chuon chuon quan

A peaceful space at the Dragonfly café shop

The Dragonfly shop carries French style clearly right in the shop’s gate, steps, patios and 2- storey faded yellow house. The shop is a villa of ancient French style locating in Hoi Vu street, with the age of over 100 years. Mossy steps together with nice bonsai pots and wide windows are distinct images of the shop. Furniture is designed with dragonflies, from sets of furniture, menu books to the shop’s signboard. Drinks and food prices here are relatively high but in return you get moments of peaceful relaxation and romance.

5.      Ciao Cafe – 2 Hang Bai street

ciao cafe

Ciao café- luxury with Italian style

Located in the city center, Ciao café carries Italian style with various drinks and tasty food for your choice. In the morning, sitting near glass door at first floor, sipping Capuchino overlooking and looking outside, you can feel the hustle of the streets in a new day. The shop is very crowded at lunchtime. If you’re a person who likes noisy places, Ciao is definitely the first choice for you.

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