Special Festival of Co Trai Village

co trai

Co Trai is one of six villages in Dai Xuyen commune (Phu Xuyen, Ha Tay) including Kieu Dong, Kieu Doai, Co Trai, Thuong Xuyen, Thai Lai and Da Chat. The system of temple and pagoda here was built with large scale and repaired under later feudal dynasties. Every single village has its own culture and transmitted from generation to generation. Especially, in Dai Xuyen commune, each village has different accents, but historically formed a common cultural identity, characterized by the community of wet rice agriculture. That is the spirit of unity, mutual support and assistance in working. It is originated from the work of flood prevention where Luong river and Nhue river flow through.

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Annually, Dai Xuyen residents hold the traditional festival on from 10 August to 15 August (lunar calendar). They wear traditional costumes together with procession team then come to Da Chat House to invite Tutelary God visit their village. Typically, water procession is held by local residents and divided into 2 teams. They all wear traditional costumes, first team with dragon dance undulates to the rhythm of drums, the second team with 8 instruments. A water big jar is put on palanquin with parasols. The group of people walks in procession to the bank of Luong river. The person who is selected to take water is a healthy and virtuous village elderly. He uses a coconut dipper to take water into jar until the jar full of water. This water is used for monthly worship.

Water procession in the festival of Co Trai Village brings us back to the festival atmosphere of ancient villages. The content of water procession imbued with the belief of water praying for agricultural residents. The festival is held annually as an opportunity for people here to commemorate their Tutelary God but in fact is also a commemoration of their ancestors, thereby teaching the love of country, hometown and raising public awareness of protecting traditional cultural values ​​of the nation.

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