Hanoi: Come back childhood with sticky rice cake dipped in molasses

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The sticky rice cake dipped in molasses has been associated with many of teenage’s childhood in Hanoi. Enjoying this cake, you will feel both cool flavour and sweetness of molasses. But a few years back, the cake seems no longer as popular as before. It is very difficult to see a vendor of this cake. Today, we recommend you a “paradise” of this cake at the heart of Hanoi.

Call it as a paradise, but it is just a small corner at the Hom market’s gate, Hue Street. The “Paradise” has only two small eateries; they are both opened for a long time, so they are known much by clients. Here, you can buy the cake as take-away food or take a seat. However, it is a good advice to take it away because of narrow space.

banh gio

Coming back the sticky rice cake dipped in molasses, despite of its simple flavour, it requires sophisticated steps to make a good taste cake. To fill cake with tan color, cake makers soak sticky rice with the ash of fried leaves. The cake is wrapped by sorrel leaves that are boiled to fade their green color and remove the acrid odour.

In street vendors, the cake usually has unstable quality, one has too weak molasses, and one has over acrid odour, it is hard to find an eatery that has harmonic flavour. It is different from Hom market that has a stable flavour. The cake here has a tan color, added clean molasses, and looked as amber pearls. The cake is both soft and flexible, clunchy sticky rice sometimes. Then followed the cool flavour spreading throughout the oral cavity, and the gentle acrid odour and finally, the sweet molasses blend it all together into a harmonious flavor.

On early days of cold winter, if you’re wondering whether place to eat after a lunch or after school’s hours afternoon, Hom market is an ideal place to enjoy fastfood. Price for a cake is only 7,000 VND.


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