Fried Rice Noodles at Bat Dan street or Hang Buom street


pho xao bat dan

The fried rice noodle is a specialty of Hanoi. It’s made by frying noodles with beef and Brassica rapa. There are two types of fried noodles: crisp or moist, the difference being due to the frying time of the noodles. A gravy-like sauce made with fried beef is poured over the noodles. It’s served with pickled cucumber and carrot slices.

The fried rice noodle is not too strange to Hanoians. But there is only two shops located in the Old Quarter famous for tasty and special fried rice noodles. The first shop at Bat Dan street is for those who like soft fried noodle. The shop has opened years now, despite all-day sale, it is always much in demand.

pho xao

Bat Dan fried rice noodle is addicted because of its gelatinous, sweet, salty sauce soaking into every tough noodle strands, vegetables and beef are very tenderly fried, hence it brings dinners delicious taste that is different from others. Besides, to reduce the greasy feeling, the shop adds a dish of fresh salad and a bowl of sweet and sour sauce with green papaya. As many loyal customers here said: “Once you enjoy the noodle at Bat Dan, you will see noodles in other places really tasteless”. The price here is quite expensive, for normal set 35,000 VND and for bigger dish 45,000 VND. However, it is worth eating because of a quality noodle bowl of meat and vegetables.

The second shop is at Hang Buom street which is suitable to those who like dry fried noodle. This shop only opens after 7 pm. In spite of sidewalk shop, it attracts plenty of luxury customers.

Hang Buom fried rice noodle is well fried, firm noodle strands. The beef is total muscle part with more tendon and not too fried vegetables. It is similar to Bat Dan, the fried rice noodle is always served with “free” extra plate of raw vegetables and fresh papaya sauce. In addition, to increase appetite, the shop also sells a dish of chopped cucumber for diners. The fried rice noodle in Hang Buom costs 30,000 per set, first it sounds be cheaper than one in Bat Dan but actually more expensive because the noodle bowl is little smaller and much less meat.

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