Rib gruel hot pot at Quan Su street


lau chao suon

The gruel hot pot maybe said as an interesting creativity of ordinary daily soup. It is still the gruel but the way to enjoy and combination of ingredients make the gruel hotpot become unique. The dish is both hot pot and soup, it sounds strange that attract the curiosity of many dinners who are eager to taste. Once you tasted, you will want to come back to enjoy the feeling of a strange dish but delicious one.

lau chao suon 2

The shop is easy to find. It is located right in Quan Su street, near intersection of Quan Su street and Ly Thuong Kiet street in which is a quite busy and crowded street. Despite opened just several months, the shop quickly win customers’ praise for cleanness, delicious dishes, unique features, etc.

The rib gruel hot pot is heated on charcoal cooking fire and put in a small and lovely clay pot cooking with full of ribs of thick meat. The gruel is diluted to avoid constantly stirring if they use thick soup, it is easy to be burnt. The weak soup here is very fragrant, agreeable sweetness and can be cooked in a long time than the thick one. The longer you cook, the softer ribs are that make the soup more sweeter. Just enjoy a few spoons of soup, you will feel warm and cozy under the cold and rainy weather. The rib gruel hot pot is served with crown daisy vegetables and various mushroom as: golden needle mushroom, snow fungus, etc. all are clean and fresh.

Another unique feature of this shop is that it uses little and lovely style from a salad dish, mushroom dish, even ribs cut into short pieces and of course, the price is affordable: a hot pot of rib gruel costs 120,000 VND (bonus a dish of cabbage), mushroom: 40,000 dong/dish, cabbage: 10,000 dong/dish.

Address: 61 Quan Su, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

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