Cold snail noodles: A Hanoi specialty

Unlike the feast of the hot version of ‘bun oc’ is cold snail soup, which is almost unique for its utmost simplicity.


One serving, costing VND30,000 (US$1.28), involves two bowls, one each of noodles and snails in snail broth.

Snails are thought to be ‘cold’ on the stomach, thus the dish is often served with a few drops of chili sauce to warm it up.

At many cold snail noodle stalls in Hanoi, the noodles are bar-shaped vermicelli but tangled noodle strands are always a perfect choice since the thin strands of noodle go well with the coolness of the dish.


The broth is the combination of steamed snail broth and wine vinegar, treating customers sour and sweet savor.

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