Snails and beef noodles on rainy days at Trieu Viet Vuong street


bun oc bo

The snails and beef noodles is an alternative dish which has both snails and beef combined for a unique taste. The ingredients are Helix Snails, beef, and white rice vermicelli noodles. It’s served in a light sour broth. Customers can choose a sourer broth to taste more like regular snail noodles or a milder broth to taste more like regular beef noodles. Other additional ingredients my include things like pork patties or bread sticks.

bun oc 2

Under the weather of season change, there is nothing like sitting next to a bowl of hot, spicy noodle, and inhaling the cool wind through the rain. The snail noodle on rainy days brings the taste is gentle, spicy and tasty flavor, it is quite suitable with the weather of the end of a cold season.

Located on the bustling street Trieu Viet Vuong, no one thought that between  crowded cafe shops has a snail noodle shop recently winning the heart of Hanoians. The shop is located in a small alley 149, but because customers often are so crowded that they have to sit on sidewalks and neighboring café shops. Of course, because it a sidewalk restaurant, it looks nothing too special, and some plastic chairs and the steaming broth.

Here serve only the dish of snail noodle, depending on customers’ preference, they may order beef, tofu or just snails. The noodle here does not make greasy sense to dinners with only sliced rare beef and snails, no need pork ears as other shops. The snails used should be small and crunchy ones. Noodle strands are mixed with broth and floating small greasy pieces of crab. It is also served with salad. It is simple like that but almost every day, guests flock here to enjoy the simple noodle dish.

Address: 149 Trieu Viet Vuong street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi city

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