Famous Eateries For Beef Dip Vinegar Broth in Hanoi

In the cool weather, enjoying the beef dip vinegar broth together with families or friends is a wonderful choice.

It is hard to find a kind of hot pot for both summer and winter as the beef dip vinegar broth. In the weather change, sitting around the hot broth of hot pot, sour flavor of vinegar, sweetness of pineapple, scent of lemongrass, and spicy flavor of chili.

Hoe Nhai street


The beef dip vinegar broth is preferred by many diners

The eatery is situated in the end of Hoe Nhai slope with simple signboard “Beef Dip Vinegar Broth” but is familiar to many Hanoi people. The shop sells all year around and most much-demand in days of weather change or cold days. The broth here is described good sour taste because of rice vinegar, lemongrass, and onion. There are various kinds of beef for this hotpot such as: Beef shin & shank meat, beef tendon, beef bacon, etc.

Thai Phien street


The beef dip vinegar broth is a combination between hotpot and roll dish, after dip beef until cooked, diners will use rice paper to roll beef meat and noodles.

The shop is located in the beginning of Thai Phien street. Although it has long been put into operation, the shop still remains the food quality and good services. The shop’s broth is always boiling, not too sour and prepared from vinegar, coconut milk and some other seasonings. A course of beef dip vinegar includes a dish of beef meat, tendon, and beef shank meat. Beef tendon should be dipped first because it takes long time to be cooked. Because of sour broth, it is easy for cooked, soft and sweet beef meat.

For two people, it costs from VND 250,000- 300,000. Moreover, the shop also serves other dishes like fried sweet potato. The shop opens from 11 am to 2:30 pm and from 5:30 pm to 11 pm, with airy parking.

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