Caramel 29 Hang Than, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Caramen (1)

With Hanoian, there is nowhere having Caramel as delicious as in Hang Than. Caramel taste comes from caramel sauce, flavour of coffee, sweet cream or little bitterness of that kind of black sauce on each caramel disk.

This store has existed here for a long time but still keeps the street food style on sidewalk. Small plastic stools, plastic cups, aluminum spoon; in case plenty of clients, chairs play role as tables. The crowds each sits in a chair, hold a plate/ spoon to arrange enough seat for all. No matter which reason it is, the store is jam-packed with street food lovers even on crowded sidewalks.

I’ve eaten here many times and realize that the praise for this store near and far is not wrong, the food with reasonable price is very affordable for students. For those who eat caramel once, expect to enjoy it second time. Winter as well as summer, crowded of clients of all ages and students are always the most crowded.

Number of young boys usually invites his girlfriends to this store to taste caramel. Every afternoon, buyers parked their motorcycle and wait in a long queue for their caramel take-away.

There are too many kinds of Caramel: caramel with Rice Pearl Beads, caramel with coconut custard, carame fruit, etc. the caramel mixed dishes anymore. There are about 10 dishes to choose from. But for those who are caramel lovers  just call a dish “unique caramel” in this store and also a traditional  dish- Egg caramel.

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