Pork-ear spring roll

Pork-ear spring roll At 37 Hang Thung street

In Hanoi Capital, when talking about spring roll with ground roasted rice, they talk about famous pork-ear spring roll first. Pork-ear spring roll is a simple dish that is made from steamed pork ear then cut into thin pieces, mixed with ground roasted rice, enjoy together with rice cake, fig leaves, figs, herbs and dipped into sweet fish sauce. Those are steps to make a spring roll with crispy pork-ear, fragrant ground roasted rice, fresh herbs and sweet flavor of sauce.

Pork-ear spring roll at 37 Hang Thung is the most famous place. Days and nights, there are plenty of clients and its strength is professional services. Customers come here to enjoy or buy it as take-away food or a gift for friends, just 2 minutes, everything will be ready.

Pork-ear spring roll now becomes a favorite food for not only Hanoian but also foreign tourists. They are interested in using hands to roll pork-ear with fig leaves and other ingredients.

nem tai

It would be a big miss if you ever came Hanoi without tasting this kind of food.

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