Hot, Crispy and Spicy Bread Sticks

Bread sticks are a special dish for teens because it is both tasty and affordable. In Hanoi capital, bread sticks appear everywhere but vary shop to shop in terms of quality. Recently, opposite Duy Tan street, near White House building on Ton That Thuyet street, it appears a cart of bread sticks that makes teens satisfied.

banh my que1

Bread sticks are roasted until crispy and yellow, look very attractive.

Despite a vendor cart, customers are crowded. Children, students, and walkers want to enjoy it.

Bread size here is not as small as you usually see. Simple ingredients include bread, pate, herbs, chili sauce, but when enjoying, it has distinctive taste. The bread stick is described as fragrant scent of butter. The owner of bread cart shared she made pate by herself so it make sure the quality and less oil.

Bread sticks are only filled with pate and herds but delicious and appetizing.

New roasted bread sticks are described as yellow crispy crust and small enough. The rich pate taste is harmonically combined with chili sauce and vegetables. In the afternoon, after school hours, teens usually sweep out the hungry by enjoying a bread stick.

banh my que2

The bread is not too small and affordable price.

The bread costs VND 6,000/ stick. However, because the shop is only a vendor cart, customers have to stand to enjoy bread. The bread cart sells from 7am in the morning and 3 pm in the afternoon. If you come late, it might be out of stock.

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