Well- Known Addresses For Hanoi Bread

Well- Known Addresses For Hanoi Bread. Mixed fillings, pate, rolls, eggs with crispy crust or steak with marinated tasty steak have made Vietnamese bread (banh mi) become the world famous street food.

Bread sidewalk in Hanoi, Vietnam is a mishmash of incongruent four and five-story buildings across the street is listed as one of the best street food in the world and Banh Mi Pho Hue, the no-frills sandwich shop named for the Hanoi street on which it sits serves the best

Banh Mi in Hanoi is a family run shop since 1974, and has a reputation for closing it whenever the cooks run out of ingredients.

With prices range from VND 30,000 to VND 100,000, you have interest bread addresses as following:

Dinh Ngang Bread

Situated on a small street Dinh Ngang, the bread shop looks simple but very crowded. It sells a variety of bread with mixed fillings, red wine sauce, fried egg rolls, etc.

Mixed bread’s fillings include pate, sausage, barbecue pork, etc. and some slices of cucumber and tasty sauces. The combination of these ingredients makes the bread more delicious and harmonic. It costs VND 30,000 to 45,000/ bread.

hanoi-bread (1)

Bread with egg and pate

Goethe Doner Kebab

Located on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, this Doner Kebab attracts customers with the different taste of the bread’s filling. Meat is grilled until fragrant, soft and sweet, served with onions, vinegar mixed purple cabbage, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Bread here has scent of butter. But the difference here is the sauce of strange taste. Therefore Goethe Doner Kebab attracts a considerable amount of familiar customers. It costs 30,000 VND/ bread.

Hoa Ma Steak Bread

Hoa Ma steak bread has long become popular with Hanoi diners thin sliced beef and steak. It is tastily marinated and placed on hot cast iron pan.

A full steak bread include beef, omelet, fried potatoes, salad cucumbers, tomatoes and served with delicious sauce. It costs VND 100,000/bread.

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