Pillow-shaped Cake

Pillow-shaped Cake

At Ly Quoc Su Street

banh goi 1

Goc Da shop has been standing at Ly Quoc Su street for 20 years. It’s name itself answer where it is; the shop stands back to an old banyan. Beside traditional pillow cake, the shop orders Banh ran (a deep-fried glutinous rice ball), Banh bao (steamed pork bun), crab spring rolls for customers’ satisfaction.

The most attractive point of a pillow cake is a thin crispy crust. Cakes are cut into pieces and eaten with spicy chili sauce and mixed herbs. Tourist may order a cup of Bat Trao tea for your desert. Goc Da shop itself creates an impressive style, it is reason why it attracts many customers.

banh goi

According to Thuy Linh (TapchiMonngon.com), this shop has a unique style, because of crowded of clients, “Specialization” in each stage has been applied for fried stage, pick food up stage, cutting stage and serving.

Reasonable Price at Menu:

Crab spring roll 7,000 VND Steamed pork bun 4,000 VND
Pillow-shaped cake 6,000 VND

Fried fermented spring roll

3,000 VND
Deep-fried glutinous rice ball 4,000 VND Bat Trao tea 3,000 VND


Coming to Goc Da eatery, customers prefer traditional cake (Pillow cake), but other dishes such as Crab spring roll, Deep-fried glutinous rice ball, Steamed pork bun, and Fried fermented spring roll are also tasty.

Address: Goc Da shop, 52 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

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