Fermented Spring Roll


Fermented spring roll now becomes a local delicacy that can be served in many restaurants in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang. It has been a familiar dish with not only local people but also for visitors from near to far.

nem chua

Fermented spring roll  at 36 Tam Thuong alley, Hang Bong Street

Tam Thuong is a small alley lied on Hang Bong street but it symbolizes Hanoi Old Quarter. It is too small that two motorbikes slide hard and there is no house in this alley with modern appearance, all are old and small.

Every afternoon, a team of teenagers welcome customers with polite greetings: “Enjoy fermented spring roll ladies and gentlemen” and lead customers to the street food shop they want.


Fermented spring rolls are quite good taste with medium fried and crispy rolls. This kind of spring roll is dipped with chutney together with green mango, yam bean or cucumber. It costs 40,000 VND/ dish  (reasonable price).

It is quite difficult to count how many fermented spring roll eateries in Tam Thuong alley  and it is also named as a “capital” of fermented spring roll in Hanoi.

Another places for your reference: 15 Ngo Gach, 33 Hang Bong, 113B1 Giang Vo, 49B Tran Quoc Toan, etc.

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