The Recipes for the Banh Mi is Printed in the United States

“The Banhmi Handbook” of author Andrea Nguyen is used for those who addicted such this dish and want to make their own a delicious loaf of sandwich.

In recent years, Vietnamese bread has become a well-known and favorite street food in many countries. Like Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), people call Vietnamese bread “banh mi”, the name full of admiration, rather than Vietnamese baguette or Vietnamese sandwich. This really is a mark which makes foreigners remember in its own name in their mind every time they want to eat bread in Vietnamese style. With the three basics: good-tonic-cheap, the tiny Vietnamese banh mi was able to be compared with the world sandwiches such as tacos (Mexico), sandwiches (UK) or Baguettes (France). (Source from

When Andrea Nguyen was ten years old, she kept her dream to become a bread maker. And then, she always searched for different recipes and materials for this crazy delicious Vietnamese sandwich.


The Vietnam banh mi looks simple but has been put on the map of the world cuisine.


The Banhmi Handbook was carefully invested.

The banh mi has been more popular in the United States. A lot of companies start to sell such a special sandwich.


Andrea Nguyen is making the Vietnamese banh mi.

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