Trang Tien Ice- Cream

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Trang Tien ice-cream has long been well-known with special flavor that make Hanoian from generation to generation addicted. For those who visit Hanoi and enjoy Trang Tien Ice-cream hard to forget Hanoi unique cuisine culture here- just eat the ice-cream while standing.

When the Tràng Tiền Ice Cream Shop first opened in 1958, there were only two flavors of “ice cream on a stick.”After the war ended in 1975, there are more flavors, including chocolate, green bean, green rice and the shop started selling ice cream cones and ice cream served in cups as well as popsicle ice-creams. The Trang Tien ice cream always win customers’ satisfaction because of its  own flavors. Despite famous brand, Trang Tien ice cream price is very cheap for anyone.

kem trang tien

The Trang Tien Ice Cream Shop is never lack of customers,  rush hours are usually on the afternoon. On every afternoon, buyers often queue a long line from inside house to the road. Sellers work hard but can not meet all demands of “the kings”.

Miss Ngan who has 10 years experience for selling ice cream said that every day we produce about 25,000-30,000 popsicle ice-creams. On summer days, it is not enough ice cream for customers, not only Hanoians like eating Trang Tien ice cream, but also people cross country and foreign tourists love too.

No table, no stool, dinners in Trang Tien shop just stand and enjoy a cool sweet flavor smelling in the tongue. The Trang Tien ice cream is “charming” not only to Hanoians but also foreign tourists who visit Hanoi capital can not resist the attraction of this kind of simple food.

Buying ice cream at the shop has become a tradition for generations of Hanoians, who say the shop reminds them of the post-war period when shopping was hard work, requiring hours of waiting. People from across Viet Nam still flock to the original shop at No. 35 Trang Tien Street in Ha Noi for the special icy taste that has become a symbol of the old capital city

Address: Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city

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