Uncle Ho’s Stilt House


In the large garden after Presidential Palace, along a narrow gravel path with mangoes on two sides leading to a small and simple stilt house located under a tree arch. The Hibiscus fence covers the house and entrance by weaving their branches. The house is a place where President Ho Chi Minh stayed and worked from May 17, 1958 to the end of his life.

The ground floor is where Uncle Ho used to hold meeting with Politburo. The second floor has two small rooms where Uncle Ho worked , the bed room with simple home appliances. In the front of house, there is a fish pond fed by Uncle Ho and on the bank of pond, a variety of orchids bloom year around.

nha san

People from all parts of country as well as foreign tourists coming to Hanoi capital are eager for visiting Uncle Ho’s Stilt House and walk around historic Ba Dinh Square.

Behind the house, there are hundreds of precious trees that were gathered from different locals in Vietnam such as: star apple of southern people presented Uncle Ho in 1954, Phuc Trach grapefruit from Bien Hoa, Me Linh; Hai Hung orange from Xuan Mai, Van Du, Doai Village; Huong Can mandarin from Ly Nhan; Thien Phien apples from Ngoc Ho , a couple of apricot trees from Dong My; Tien Dien persimmon (homeland of poet Nguyen Du). In the garden there are plenty of plants from foreign, palm tree from Caribbean for example.


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