Well- Known Book Street In Hanoi

With thousands of books of all kinds, Dinh Le Street is named the bookstore of Hanoi capital, where visitors can find no- longer editions. Well- Known Book Street In Hanoi

Dinh Le is a small street near Hoan Kiem Lake and always busy with book buyers. In previous days books were sold on pavement; gradually, it has been developed and called as a book street of Hanoi.

Well- Known Book Street In Hanoi

Bookstores here are quite similar in terms of space, and are regularly updated with new books. So you can come to visit or buy in any bookstore.

Not only attractive with the huge number of books, but they are also a variety of topics. You can find in any store Vietnamese literary titles, foreign literature, life sciences, and foreign languages textbooks. In particular, many good books that were no longer reprinted many years can be found here.

Bookstores in Dinh Le with are located in the small alley but still crowded day by day. Ms. Mao, who has lived long time in this book street, said people coming here are in all ages and diverse backgrounds. Some people buy books for reference and for learning. Also some buy for relaxation in the life. Sometimes foreign visitors also find it curious and buy books.

Well- Known Book Street In Hanoi

This is also the place where introducing book activities and exchanges take place.

If having the opportunity to Hanoi or being a reading book lover, try Visit Dinh Le to experience the interesting thing in this street.

You can park your vehicle at Trang Tien trade center and then walk to Dinh Le street. Located in the center, hence you have a chance to enjoy famous Trang Tien ice cream in Hanoi and take a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake.

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