Banh Duc- Rice Cake at 8 Le Ngoc Han alley

Banh duc (rice cake) is a cake made from non-glutinous rice flour. In the north it is typically garnished with savory ingredients such as ground pork, grilled ground shrimp, fried onions, sesame seeds, salt, peanuts, lime juice, and soy sauce or fish sauce. In the south, it is served as a dessert, and takes the form of gelatinous blocks that are often colored green by the addition of Pandanus amaryllifolius leaf extract. It is cooked by boiling the ingredients and allowing them to cool, solidifying into a jelly-like sheetphoto that is then cut into blocks.

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Rice Cake at 8 Le Ngoc Han alley

It is no strange to gourmets in Hanoi for Rice Cake at 8 Le Ngoc Han alley which is one of the longtime and famous eateries in terms of cuisine of Hanoi.

Located at 8 Le Ngoc Han alley, 20 meters from beginning of the alley, customer will see a small old shops and it is quite uncomfortable with people who just like spacious and luxurious restaurants. However, the shop still attracts plenty of customers because it has been famous for decades now and the shop space itself brings flavor of time without any elaborating on its original appearance.

banh duc

That well-known and long time brand makes it hard to be beaten. Beside traditional dish, other dishes are made skillfully that win high praise from customers.

The rice cake is the most impressive dish. Clear soups with sour a bit create a good taste unlike greasy taste of rice cake in other shops. The rice cake is made quite smooth, soft but not too sticky, together with ground meat, black mushrooms, fried tofu which all are covered in a delicious soup.

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