Grilled Fermented Spring Roll at Au Trieu street

nem chua nuong

Fermented spring roll has long been familiar with Hanoi cuisine. Fried fermented spring rolls are well-known at Tam Thuong lane or Kim Lien market entrance, fried spring rolls with flour wrapped in front of Viet Duc school entrance, etc. But In the cold weather of Hanoi, the grilled fermented spring roll is preferred to the fried one because it is less greasy.

nem chua nuong 2

Grilled Fermented Spring Roll at Au Trieu street.

Many years now, the grilled fermented spring roll at Au Trieu street, near Hanoi cathedral has become familiar to the Hanoi youth. Just on the beginning of this lane, you feel fragrant smell from hot spring rolls grilled on red fire of charcoal. They are served immediately to customers right after they are well grilled.

Unlike fried fermented spring rolls that are dry and have yellow color, the grilled fermented spring rolls still remain fresh red color of meat. They are dipped with chili sauce and to reduce greasy flavor, customers may order additional dishes such as raw bean tuber, cucumber, lemon tea.

Looking new and hot grilled spring rolls, just want to enjoy it right away. Beside grilled spring rolls, the shop offers other food as: beef fish or crispy fragrant snapper. Just enjoy Hanoi  delicious, while watching the cathedral from a small corner that is a simple pleasure after a long tired working day.  The grilled fermented spring roll at Au Trieu street costs 5,000 VND / unit, fruits 15. 000 / dish. The shop opens from 2pm.

Location: Au Trieu street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city

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