Duong Lam Village in Hanoi- Ancient Beauties

Over the past years, the old marks were printed on each ancient houses and small roads in Duong Lam village.


Duong Lam is no longer unfamiliar destination to many travelers. This is one of the ancient Vietnamese villages. From Hanoi, you can travel by car or motorcycle in the direction of Thang Long Highway or route 32 on Nhon – Son Tay.


The central area of Duong Lam is Mong Phu communal house. This is the typical ancient construction of the Northern region and was built in 1684. The house is in an area of 1,800 square meters and was built in the highest land in the village with frontage to the southwest. In 1984, Mong Phu communal house was recognized as National historic and cultural relic by Ministry of Information – Culture (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).


The village has about 956 old houses which were built of laterite blocks. The architecture of these homes is that the yard is lower than nearby road. Therefore when it rains, water from outside flows down to the yard and then run off into sewers.


The small alleys in Duong Lam always make many tourists exciting. The roads here are dead end ones to prevent thefts and they are very clean and clear. In addition, every single family has a secret door direction to communal house’s yard.


Guests could rent bicycles to visit a village.


After ending the journey of discovery, you can stay at eatery in a yard of an old house.


Among ups and downs of life, you take a day off to return to this place. Discover every little corner that seems to be forgotten…


…or to be one with the laughter and the innocence of Duong Lam children. You will take your balance again.


A small corner welcomes sunshine in the ancient village.

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