Nem Lui- Grilled Pork Spring Roll


Nem Lui nowadays becomes more popular in Hanoi and we are glad to suggest famous Nem Lui eateries for foreign tourists. Let’s enjoy and find speciality.

At Phan Huy Bich street

Pork spring rolls are arranged together by bamboo sticks and then grilled with charcoal. They are more tasty together with dipping sauce that is made by soy sauce mixed with pureed liver, added some sugar, slightly gelatinous sauce, sprinkled with crushed roasted peanuts on the side.

Nem lui

At 167 Doi Can street

Doi Can street is well-known as the cheapest street food in Hanoi. Nem Lui costs only 6,000 vnd/ stick. Is is always hot, fragrant, well marinated pork. There is no strange to see many customers here because 167 Doi Can is one of the first eateries for grilled pork spring roll in Hanoi and the food quality is quite good. In rush hour, it is rather hard to find a seat but to those who love grilled pork spring roll, you can not miss this place.

nem lui 2

At 166b Doi Can Street

Regarding price, it is quite cheaper than 167 Doi Can only 5,000 vnd/ stick. Fresh pork spring roll shall be grilled on charcoal right after your order to make pork hot and fragrant together with delicious sauce. This eatery has been winning praise of many clients.

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