Festival of Chem Temple, Hanoi


hoi dinh chem

The Chem temple is located in Thuy Phuong commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi. This is a place worshipping Ly Ong Trong- a talent person of great righteousness and generosity. With Thuy Phuong villagers, he still exists as a guardian deity for the well-being of villagers, his statue together with his wife are worshipped in the temple and honored as  male deity and Notre Dame. Every year, the festival of Chem temple  opens 3 days (14th -16th  of April) to commemorate him.

hoi dinh chem 2

Starting with water procession on early morning 15th of April. The water is taken from river to serve the washing statue ceremony. After that is procession of funeral oration, finally, the requiem ceremony is chanted by a Buddhist teacher at full moon night.

When all rituals are finished, villagers and pilgrims are happy in festival atmosphere: pigeon drop, sailing, chess, wrestling, etc. Of those, the most interesting is pigeon drop and boat sailing. With the participation of many bird owners, the number may be up to 50 participants or even have even hundreds of birds in cages waiting to wing. Funny games in the festival make the atmosphere more exciting.

From the rituals and traditions: Water processions, statue washing, sailing, bird drop and a faint image of the ancient agricultural rites, through time change and cultural lines now only remains elegant hobbies and chivalry. All make a personal appeal of a suburban farming village.

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