Festival of Dai Lan Village in Thanh Tri, Hanoi


hoi lang dai langThe Dai Lan village (Duyen Ha commune, Thanh tri district, Ha Noi city) worships 3 Gods: Linh Ho, Minh Chieu and Cha Muc who are famous generals under 17th King Hung. Every year, the festival of Dai Lan village takes places on 6th , 7th and 8th of January at communal house of Dai Lan village.

Dai Lan villagers usually prepare for the festival half of month beforehand. In afternoon 23rd of December, the village organizes water procession from Red river to communal house.  In the morning 6th of January, before starting the first day of festival, thrones are worn new dress, new hats and true boots. At the same time, there are two processions beginning from the communal house. One is carried by 4 young men for incense burner procession. When this procession comes back communal house, stops in front of Notre-Dame temple entrance. At here, people who wear tunics, turbans and red belts procession the Notre-Dame to the communal house.

in year, on Gods’ birthday and death day, villagers organize cult of sacrifice, but only in the afternoon of 6th January holds cult of petition. The petition is written by a villager elder who has beautiful writing and good morals.

The cult of offerings usually has flowers, truncated-cone-shaped cake, sticky rice, pork meat and chicken meat. Especially, on the village festival, they have hemibagrus fish and raw hemibagrus fish. A part of Red river goes across Dai Lan village has deep water and fast flowing. In the past, there appeared a lot of hemibagrus fish with red meat.

During 3 days of festival, the communal house organizes wrestling, stick and whip martial art contest. The festival of Dai Lan expresses the spirit of martial art. Competitors from Yen My, Yen Duyen (Thanh Tri), Trung Quan village, Chu Xa (Gia Lam) come to take part in. Nowadays, Mr. Tac, Mr Uyen, Mr. Lien, Mr. Thu and Mr. Ha in the village can perform super flower punch, cudgel, etc.

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