Keep your stomach warm in cold days with barbecued ribs at Nguyen Sieu street


suon nuong

The dish of fragrant and hot roasted rib served with sweet-sour dip sauce do suit to enjoy in wet cold weather of the North.

Under the Hanoi’s cold weather, gatherings usually settle down around  hot pots or fragrant and hot roasted dishes. If you are afraid of grills at the table because of their smell left on your clothes, it will be a nice suggestion to visit lane 26 Nguyen Sieu and try to eat barbecued ribs, available grilled birds, served at table with quite affordable price.

suon nuong 2

The food here is grilled on charcoal, only grill after customer’s order, so you may wait about 15-20 minutes. While waiting for the main food, you can order some snacks as a dish of fried potato or cucumber. The price for such these of food is also reasonable. A cucumber dish costs about 10,000 dong and the fried potato costs 25,000 dong.

The shop owner serves two main dish: barbecued ribs and grilled birds, both are tasty. The roasted rib is cleverly chosen for small bones and thick meat. The dish is cleverly marinated and well grilled to make rib meat soft, sweet,  absorbed but not dry feeling. A full barbecued rib plate for two people costs 100,000 VND.

Grilled quail bird dish is similar to barbecued ribs, thanks to good materials and good grilled the grilled bird here has a crispy skin, thick and fragrant meat and very good taste. Ribs are served with herbs and dip sauce. The sauce here is not a mixture of salt, lemon, chili as usual, it is a orange-color sauce with sweet and sour flavor contributes to make a delicious food.

If your team has 3-4 people, it is full enough for you to just call a barbecued rib plate and a roasted bird plate together with fried potatoes, a dish of cucumber. Just 100,000 vnd/ person, you will have a cozy delicious dinner with your friends. The restaurant opens from the evening to mid night.

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