Den Va Festival in Son Tay, Hanoi


hoi den va

The Den Va festival is held on 15th January (lunar calendar) at Den Va, Van Gia village, Trung Hung commune, Son Tay.

According to legend, when the King Hung follow Son Tinh’ s words (Son Tinh mean the mountain’s saint) and awarded the king Thuc Phan the throne, the country was in peace. Son Tinh and My Chau (daughter of Thuc Phan) stayed together in Ba Vi mountain. He usually went near and far to understand more people’s living. One time, He stopped to rest and at the same time, on the sky appeared an iridescent cloud flied from Ba Vi mountain and shade an area. He considered it a good forecast and built a royal step-over place. The place now is Den Va temple.

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The people at Den Va area based on the legend of lucky cloud to name their village Van Gia (Van means cloud). Then, residents in this village have prospered hence, they take care of burning incense for Saint Tan.

The festival takes place in a roomy space and is carefully organized. The festival is started on 13rd January and residents in Van Gia will clean the temple and decorate flags. Then, villagers in commune procession from their village to  Den Va temple. The more good things they do, the more blessing they receive from the Saint Tan.

In the morning of 15th January, the main festival includes entertainments and welcomes pilgrim coming to Den Va and taking part in the incense-offering ceremony. The wrestling is warmly welcomed  and held for prize award. Autumn festival (15th September lunar calendar) is annually held by villages: Van Gia, Nghia Phu, Thanh Tri, Mai Trai, Dam Trai. They join in hands to catch fish in Tich river. For those who catch big white fish, they will devote to the village and if the fish is small, they will bring it at their home. The fish catching takes place until enough 99 fish, then organize a fish party to worship the Saint Tan at Den Va. Residents here show their sincere praying under the majesty of Saint Tan. According to a traditional ritual, the rice and other eatable offerings are not seasoned with salt.

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