Strange dish from frog- known as rural chicken



The frog is named as the rural chicken because of it savory meat and the thigh meat is very sweet, tender and nutritious.  The frog has long been preferred by Vietnamese people because its flavor is imbued with rural features.

However, what the reason make restaurants of frog hot pot grow as mushroom. It is really not simple to choose a trusty restaurant for yourself and your friends. With many years experiencing on frog related dishes, Ech Op restaurant opened a new branch at 304 Kham Thien street, Hanoi. “Ech” mean frog and “Op” is croak (the sound made by a frog). The roomy space is combined with bamboo tables that creating diners peaceful and rustic feeling.

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The dish that is in much demand in this restaurant is frog hot pot. This dish is elaborately prepared. Frog’s thighs are marinated several hours before frying until they turn into golden color and carefully arranged on dishes with some pieces of bamboo shoots. When eating, diners themselves pour the dish of underdone fried frog into hot pot. Because the frog meat was marinated and pre-processed hence it is tasty and delicious.

The dish is served with spicy bamboo shoots and water spinach. One of secrets of frog hot pot is the way to adjust spicy savor until reasonable. The spicy savor in this dish is acceptable, not too intense so it is reasonable for diners who scare of spicy.

Beside the frog hot pot, diners have chance to enjoy other frog-related dishes such as: frog fried with onion and mushroom, frog fried with lemon grass and chili, salt roasted frog, sweet-sour frog, crispy fried frog, frog fried with bamboo shoots, frog fried with butter and garlic, etc. The price of fried dishes costs from 80,000 dong onwards, frog hot pot for 5 people: 320,000 dong/ pot.

Address: 304 Kham Thien street, Hanoi.

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